Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply put Amazon FBA is a business model where we (Finders Automation, a team of Amazon Experts) run and manage an Amazon store for you.

Our Role: Do all the work from sourcing products from our approved brand vendors, picking winning products, to ordering inventory at wholesale pricing, to customer support.

Your Role: As our partner, you will fund the operational side of the business while we do the work!

Finders Automation is a Certified Partner Agency within the Amazon Service Provider Network (Amazon SPN).

Yes, of course. As the owner of the store, you will be able to log in at any time.

Yes, we have FBA prep and distribution centers in Allentown, PA, Dallas, TX and Hickory, NC.
Because of our exclusive partnership with We have millions of additional square footage in warehouse space.

As of Jan. 2023, we have 154 staff, both domestically in United States and abroad.

We have just over 700 stores with some partners owning multiple stores.

As our partner, your risk is limited only to the initial investment you make with us.

While profits are not guaranteed, we guarantee your store will be up and running and make the first sale in 30 days. (or we’ll pay for your first inventory order which is $20,000-$30,000)

Excluding Amazon Prime Day and Christmas holiday season,  we project a monthly revenue of $100,000 – $200,000 with a gross profit margin of 25%.

You may click here to contact us for a detailed breakdown.

You have 4 options as a Amazon FBA business owner:

1. Hold on for monthly cashflow
2. Flip it on the marketplace (Empire Flippers, Flippa)
3. Management Buyout (we’ll make you an offer to buy out your business)
4. Self-Manage (You can work in your own business)
The self-manage option is only available after we’ve set up all the products, licenses and systems. We’ll train you to operate and manage the existing business.

Sure, here is a breakdown on how we allocate your capital:
1. Setting up your limited liability company (LLC)
2. Product research
3. Purchasing inventory
4. Customer Support Agents
5. *Amazon Fees

Amazon Fees: Amazon Referral Fees, Amazon Fulfillment Fees, Amazon Storage Fees, Amazon Advertising Costs, Amazon Return Processing Fees